Juanita Esparza

Dog Couture Designer


Juanita is Guatemala's first dog couture designer, with over ten years of professional experience creating and designing highly fashionable dog apparel. Her design inspiration is drawn from Guatemala's Mayan Culture and the latest international couture trends.

Her passion for sewing and devotion to excellence was passed down from her mother, Piedad Soto. Piedad was a skilled dressmaker, and taught Juanita the art of fine sewing when she was still a young girl. In 2009 Juanita started her own boutique and called it "Boshoun", which is a phonetical play on the phrase "beautiful dog" in French. Since then Juanita has created hundreds of styles for all kinds of customers, including dog celebrities and pet lovers.

Juanita has appeared several times on Guatemalan television, as well as in local print media. In addition, she has participated in New York's Pet Fashion Show (NYPFS), Celebrity Catwalk NY, and the PupScouts Pre-Oscar Red Carpet Party NY.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Juanita is an active member of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals, and serves as the Guatemalan Official Representative for the Chihuahua Nation (founded by Ada Nieves for Pets).    


Boshoun understands your true love for dogs, and their comfort is also Boshoun's top priority!



The mission is to work creating these beautiful and elegant clothes to the world, is to be able to continue to rescue more dogs from the streets, we have dogs in adoption and also in temporary homes to which we take to the vet, we cure them, we feed them and we sterilize , When they are already in excellent condition we give them in adoption. Every day we feed more than 15 dogs that live in the surroundings, we want to continue helping more. Are not a shelter but I am an independent person who does his bit. We receive donations for needy dogs through Paypal at: boshoun@icloud.com